Check Out these Awesome Activities

At Shepherds Gully we’d like to inspire you and offer a variety of activities for you, your family, friends and colleagues. Some can be done at Shepherds Gully, and some will involve an off-site visit. So we can make preparations for you and in order to give you more details we ask that you tell us which activities are of interest. Ticking an activity will not commit you to participate at this stage – its just a door to more information.

Tick the box next to the activity/s you would like to know more about.           We will then send you details such as:-

  • Costs – some are free.
  • Minimum or maximum number of participants required
  • Days of the week the activity is available
  • How much time you should allow
  • Fitness and/or thrill seeker level
  • Ages appropriate
  • What you need to bring