Check Out these Awesome Activities

At Shepherds Gully there are lots of activities to keep your family and friends amused. 

It depends on how active and involved you want to be but at least you know that if you want something to do – you’ll be spoilt for choice.


A lovely bushwalk through a temperate rainforest pocket, down into the gully and up through iconic Australian bushland allows people to experience true bush without leaving the property.  A relatively easy walk.

Hobbit House

Feed young imaginations with the enchanted Hobbit House.


Animal Encounters

Help feed the alpacas, chooks, ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits.  Younger members of your group might love to cuddle some of the smaller animals in the special animal encounters space.

Minute to Win It Games

Get everyone involved and laughing with these easy to play “Minute to Win It” games. Suitable for all ages and skill levels.  Guaranteed to get the screens put away!  All materials supplied for 20 different games.

Board Games

A selection of traditional board games are available to entertain and while away some fun time together.


Choose a nice movie to watch.  Grab some snacks and a cuddly blanket, relax and unwind.  Many titles to choose from.


Grab a novel from our book selection, find and nice comfy spot and turn off your mind while you get into a good story.  Great way to really relax


Collect some kindling and crank up the fire.  Make sure to select a few suitable sticks to roast the marshmallows.  Perfect setting for families and friends to share stories and enjoy an evening.


“Around the Clock”, “Chase the Dragon”, “Cricket”….there are so many darts games you can play.


An old and traditional game that’s suitable for all ages. Even very little kids love this one and try to beat their parents!

Bike track

Bike Track

An on-site bike track provides a great activity for your group.  A short track is being developed with a longer version to be constructed in the near future.  Three bikes are available to borrow.

Totem Tennis

Enjoy tennis without having to retrieve the ball.  Challenge friends or just get the kids out playing.

Table Tennis

Old favourite for a group tournament or just a hit and giggle.

More of Interest…

You might like to extend your knowledge and learn about something new while you stay at Shepherds Gully.  We’d love to share with you in a mini tour of one or more of the following. 

Please email us if you’d like to get involved with one of these – so we can prepare.

Worm Farming

See a larger Worm Farm in action and observe how worm farming can be applied at any residential home.



The Hot House (winter) or Shade House (Summer) is where a small hydroponic system has been established. Great method for easy grow veges.


Compost Tea and Compost Making

Have you ever wanted to be able to really give your garden a boost?  Well we’ve found Compost Tea and rich compost to be just the trick to kick plants along.  We’d love to show you how.


Garden Walks

Join us for a visit to the Garden Cage.  This is an established fruit tree area designed using Permaculture principles and also has vegetables grown both inground and in wicking beds.

Moringa Farm

Sometimes called “The Miracle Plant”, a Moringa plantation is being established at Shepherds Gully. Learn how amazingly useful this plant is and how it can help with some of the worlds growing needs.

Natural Building

Shepherds Gully features buildings made from non-traditional materials including mud brick, straw bales and hemp. Throughout the year we run full Workshops on these methods. However for anyone interested we can take you on a short tour of the different building material types and explain the pros and cons.

Camp Oven, Damper and Billy Tea

Enjoy the experience of having a meal cooked in the coals, followed by a real billy tea and damper. Or perhaps just a damper and billy tea. Let us know. We can provide all the ingredients and be your chefs for the night OR give it all to you (with instructions as required) and let you do your own. Your choice. (some costs may be involved).

Backyard Beekeeping

Visit our Flow Hive and see our little workers in action. A short talk on keeping a Flow Hive and the benefits of bees and honey.